Welcome to MotokazieLand. Our 131 acre motorsports park is located in Rice County on I-35, just north of Faribault, MN. This facility is being developed by Motokazie, Minnesota's premier motorsports promoter. We will offer you seven tracks plus trails for off-road & on-road motorcycles, ATV's and UTV's. Your involvement is much appreciated as we are nearing the end of the permitting process.

-Lee Theis
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December 30, 2013

Over the last four years Motokazie has invested thousands of hours and about $500,000 dollars in the development of Motokazieland in Rice County, Minnesota. The long, expensive and difficult battle with the County administration, the several lawsuits, changing locations and the arduous process took its toll on Motokazie. Having lived through this I can tell you that it is a disgusting process that grinds away on your emotional and physical health & personality.

Motokazie is not comfortable developing on the terms set forth by Rice County, specifically the Developers Agreement and allowable CUP uses. Obstacles have created a barrier to entry too high for my business to overcome.

Because of these and other considerations we will not be moving forward with the Motokazieland development at this time.

Motokazie and its staff and employees wish to thank all of our supporters, for their tremendous involvement in the development of Motokazieland. It was our dream and your enthusiasm that kept us going throughout this difficult process. So many people have donated time, attended meetings and contacted elected officials. I am sorry to disappoint my supporters. This is a heavy weight on my shoulders. To walk away at this point is devastating. Motokazie wanted nothing but to have a prosperous business that drove economic growth in and around Rice County.
August 13, 2013

On behalf of Motokazie I would like to say thank you to all the supporters. This has been a very long and difficult process that has taken a toll mentally and financially. Today’s approval of MotokazieLand’s 7 tracks, 101 campsites and associated activities is so important to enthusiasts across the Midwest and Canada. It is now time to recharge the batteries and forge ahead. I also would like to thank my wife for standing behind me during this very difficult period. - Lee Theis
June 6, 2013

Revised agenda for tonight's Rice County Planning Commission Meeting. Our items have been tabled. We will not be on tonight's agenda. Please do not drive down for tonight's meeting.
June 1, 2013

MotokazieLand permitting process continues Thursday June 6th at the Rice County Government Center. Our items will be heard around 6:30pm.

Please attend to support the project. Your comments will be limited to 2 minutes. Thank you for your support.
April 24, 2013

MKL's next meeting is Thursday May 2nd 7pm at the Rice County Goverment Center. Plan to be there.
April 23, 2013

Great news today for the MotokazieLand Development! The Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) was approved as a final acceptable document. This clears the path for the final step called CUP (Conditional Use Permit). There will be a public hearing Thursday May 2nd, 7pm at the Rice County Government Center. We need all motorsports fans to attend to show your support! The specific amount days/ hours of operation will be an important discussion, as well as the amount of races allowed per year. Please come out to support us!
April 5, 2013

Check out MotokazieLand's first video! While you are there, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We will be releasing a video series throughout the spring/summer!
March 18, 2013

Motokazie is pleased to announce the hiring of Duane H. Fredrickson as Vice President of Operations & Marketing for the Jordan-based race promotion company.

Fredrickson will be handling all sponsorship, advertising and event marketing for Motokazie and MotokazieLand events. Click here for full press release
March 8, 2013

Last night was an important step in the development process. We are very pleased with the progress. During the EAW hearing approximately 9 spoke in favor of the EAW completeness and 4 spoke against. Our engineering contractor is focused on addressing any additional concerns by/before the April 3rd closing period. Our ‘Target Date’ is April 23rd to have the Rice County Board vote that Motokazie indeed completed an accurate EAW. From that point our next ‘Target Date’ is May 2nd Planning Commission Hearing and May 14th Board Meeting. We are very hopeful and determined that this process will go smoothly with the County and MotokazieLand can break ground in JUNE! Thank you for your support and make plans to attend the May 2nd and May 14th meetings!
February 26, 2013

Big step forward! We are on the Planning Commission agenda March 7th. The Motokazie item will likely be heard around 6:30 - 7:30pm. Please email if you can attend.

"Item 11: Motokazieland Recreational Park Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) - The Rice County Planning Commission will be accepting comments that address the accuracy and completeness of the materials contained in the EAW, potential impacts that may warrant further investigation, and the need for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the proposed project."
February 15, 2013

Permitting process continues to stay on track. We are very pleased with the progress. Meetings have been much better with the County. It is still a little early to tell, but best guess is June 2013 breaking ground. Be sure to communicate your support to the commissioners!
January 22, 2013

MKL had a successful day!! The proposed moratorium in Rice County failed today (great news). We will continue with our permit application process. Stay tuned for more public hearing dates, we still need your support. Remember to write a supportive letter to each commissioner. Full article here
January 17, 2013

We have turned in the permit applications, building plans and Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) to Rice County. We look forward to upcoming meetings and public hearings that will be part of this process. It will take several months to navigate the system and we encourage you stay involved as the road blocks come up.

Motokazie did revise the plans to fit the existing Ordinance with uses that are already permitted via CUP conditions. This is a change from the previous plan set that fought for approval for Snowmobile and Kart use. We dropped those uses for now and added in an asphalt street course for on road motorcycles. The 1.25 mile track layout is perfect for new riders and experts alike. Street, roadrace, and supermoto motorcycles are all welcome. The new plans include six dirt tracks and one asphalt track, you can view them on our current plans page.

The newest "road block" Commissioner Docken and Malecha came up is to approve a Moratorium on Commercial Recreational permits for 1 year. These two Board members have made it very clear that they are against Motokazie and will try anything to stop this development. You can help by sending a letter in the next 3 days to each of the 5 commissioners (instructions below). The Moratorium is very important to defeat, please write a supportive letter to "Vote No to a Moratorium". There is a public hearing Tuesday January 22nd at 8:35AM, Rice County Government Building. The Commissioners will vote on this Tuesday after the hearing. It would need 3/5 votes to pass. We remain confident that it will fail.

Below are my personal thoughts on why this is a bad idea.

1. A moratorium sends a negative message to your County citizens and business owners that you do not want growth. That you do not want jobs, tax base or buildings that can benefit the majority of the residents. This is a bad message, a wrong direction for all.

2. There are plenty of existing laws, rules, hearings and processes that any developer currently has to as appease. No need to block a new business- Let's work with the existing rules.

3. There are many business examples like Winjums Resort, Buckhill, Canterbury Park or Valleyfair that had to start somewhere. They likely faced some opposition. But they were afforded a chance to build and join the community. Look at their successes within their communities. Open your arms to development.

4. With any project... and especially recreation - it is important to look at perception vs. reality. Many people perceive impacts far greater than the reality of the impact. (sounds, lights, traffic, etc) Let's look at the science or the engineered studies and be realistic with concerns. Motokazie has a 16 year/ 1000+ event history with no complaints on record. Let the studies be the basis for mitigation of a project.

Please mail or email your letter before Monday Jan. 21st to each commissioner.

Thank you for your help.

Please forward to your friends/ supporters.
January 7, 2013

The revised plans have been submitted to Rice County. NEW ADDITION!! ASPHALT TRACK!! Featuring a 1.25 mile road course for street bike and supermoto riders! MotokazieLand will offer: track days, group instruction, and private instruction on this new road course. Ride on an exciting layout with well thought-out and plentiful run-off. The track layout is perfect for new riders and experts alike. Street, roadrace, and supermoto motorcycles are all welcome! Click here for Site Plan

All dirtbike/ATV tracks in the south 90 acres remain unchanged.. plenty of fun for everyone!
December 17, 2012

Motokazie learned today that we lost our case. I am disappointed in the ruling by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. This has been a long and grueling process. I prepared my project to handle either outcome of the Court's ruling. With their decision, I now have a clear direction on building MotokazieLand in Rice County - I have to eliminate Snowmobile and Kart use. My new plans will fit exactly into the existing ordinance. They are being finalized and Motokazie will submit for a CUP before Jan 1st.

I look forward to working with the Rice County Commissioners and Staff to move efficiently and effectively through the EAW and CUP process. We will continue to post updates on the MotokazieLand page as to the CUP process (public hearing dates, etc.). Thank you for your support.
November 27, 2012

We are still waiting for a decision from the courts. They have a deadline of Dec 20th to rule. So expect an answer in just a few weeks. We look forward to moving the plan forward as soon as a ruling comes in.
September 13, 2012

The MotokazieLand case is on schedule to be heard Sept 20th. We are in the Minnesota Court of Appeals and this process is usually 6-9 months. On the 20th oral arguments will be heard. The three judge panel then has up to 90 days to rule. We remain very optimistic about the outcome of this long battle. I will update our supporters again after my attorneys comment about their thoughts on September 20th. If you live in Rice County, please email for a copy of our voters guide. The Board of Commissioners race is an important one to watch for any MotokazieLand supporter.
May 8, 2012

May 2012 MotokazieLand update: We continue to be 100% committed to this project as we push through the processes. Motokazie continues to be represented by Briggs and Morgan in regards to our Motokazie v. Rice County suit. The suit is in the Court of Appeals at this time and it will take a few more months to know any result. Our EAW have been submitted since January to the county and we continue to work on moving the process forward. This continues to be a difficult road and YOU can help by calling and writing the Rice County Board of Commissioners.
February 3, 2012

New MotokazieLand web site is activated!
February 2, 2012

Today was court for Motokazie v. Rice County and things went well. The Judge was engaged and we expect a written ruling within 90 days.
January 2012

Motokazie submits CUP and a voluntary EAW for the new site. Over 250 pages of documents address all environment concerns as required by law.
November 30, 2011

Motokazie's counsel, Briggs and Morgan, obtains a Writ of Mandamus against Rice County, in which the Rice County Court preliminarily determined that Motokazie's requested text amendment was (1) "automatically approved" under MN State Statute 15.99 due to County's failure to timely approve or deny and (2) actually approved by County's "majority vote" (3-2) in favor of the requested text amendment.
November 22, 2011

BOC votes 3-2 in support of zoning text change, but refuses to enact the text amendment on the ground that a four-fifths supermajority vote was required.

October 18, 2011 update

Motokazieland is moving forward and we need your help before the next meeting. The first public hearing took place, Thursday Sept 29th; and Motokazie received a favorable recommendation 4-0 to move forward. At the Board of Commissioners meeting, last week, we received a 3-2 vote in favor. However, Motokazie needs to gain one more vote from the commissioners.

There is an organized group that continues to fight us; and the have heavily influenced two of the Commissioners. It has been difficult to grasp the lack of understanding that the general public has about our sport. I need your help to educate these two Commissioners that do not understand the benefits of MotokazieLand.

How you can help: email and I will supply you the addresses of the commissioners that may benefit from understanding our rights to ride! I would ask that you write a respectful letter or call them.

To remind our supporters - the current issue is the definition of "organized motorsports" in the Rice County Ordinance. This hearing is specific to amending the ordinance definition to include ATV, Kart and Snowmobile Tracks. It is very important to Motokazie to win approval because MotokazieLand needs to be a year round business that can reach all off-road motorsports. Currently only Motorcycles and ATV (trails) are allowed at our proposed park. In order to build a park of this size, it is critical to have ATV, snowmobile, and kart business.

The next meeting is Thursday, Nov 3rd, 7pm, at the Rice County Government Services Building, 320 N.W. 3rd Street, Faribault. Please be there to support your rights!

Lee Theis
October 3, 2011 update

Good News: On Thursday Sept 29th the Rice County Planning voted 4-0 to move MotokazieLand forward to the next step.
September 22, 2011 update

I am pleased to update the MotokazieLand supporters that the project continues to move ahead. Our goal is to open in spring 2012 after moving through a series of permits and environmental studies. The first public hearing is next week, Thursday Sept 29th 7pm at the Rice County Government Services, 320 N.W. 3rd Street, Faribault.

This hearing is specific to amending the ordinance definition to include Karts and Snowmobiles. The process includes 2 pubic hearings approximately 30 days apart and 2 Board of Commissioners meetings. The final vote will be Nov 22nd. It is very important to Motokazie to win approval because MotokazieLand needs to be a year round business that can reach all off-road motorsports. Currently only Motorcycles and ATV's are allowed at our proposed park. It is critical in order to build a park of this size, to have snowmobile and kart business.

This is a shortened version of what has been submitted: Text amendment changes are noted in RED INK.
Organized motor sports. This use category includes ATV tracks and trails, motorcycle tracks or trails, snowmobile tracks and trails, kart (go kart) tracks and trails, truck trails and tractor pulling but not auto or other vehicle racing, tracks or events.
Since April 2010 snowmobiles and karts have been included in my operating plan and presentations. It is unfortunate that 17 months latter, I have been asked to address this. To my knowledge, the Rice County Attorneys office was challenged on this issue, and the result was the requirement to amend. Motokazie will continue to be persistent and professional in all of the permit requirements.

Here is what you can do to help:
1.Show up and speak at the Sept. 29th public hearing
2.Forward this to a friend involved in motorsports and ask them to attend
3.Prepare a letter to be send to a County Commissioner in regards to definitions of Motorsports

Here are some speaking points to consider:

1.Snowmobiles and karts are very similar and compatible machines to operate at a organized motorsports facility.
2.The use of these machines would still be governed by CUP (conditional use permit) specific to a property. This allows hours, days and other items to be controlled by Rice County.
3.When was the definition created in the zoning code? And is it possible that the machines we simply not thought of?
4.Snowmobiling is major activity in Rice County and it would seem reasonable that snowmobiles should be allowed to ride on "tracks" if they currently can ride anywhere in the county.
5.Both karts and snowmobiles are a great family activity and having an organized track is a benefit to Rice County.

Thank you for your support,

Lee Theis